3 daily home burglaries are reported in Baja California Sur


According to investigations by the Citizen Observatory, Cómo Vamos La Paz, 289 cases of robbery from home were registered, which corresponds to 3 daily in the state, with Loreto being the municipality with the highest rate of increase (53.45%) and Mulegé who presented the highest reduction with -59% compared to last year.

This information was published in the crime incidence report given at a press conference corresponding to the July-September 2020 quarter, directed by the director of Research and Projects, Cómo Vamos la Paz, Alma Lidia Cota.  

In BCS, the robbery of a house is registered as one of the most prevalent, which consists of appropriating property, without the consent of the legitimate owners.

Most of the burglaries occurred during the early morning hours, between approximately 12 am and 5:59 am, most while someone was in the home.

Likewise, recommendations were made to reduce the rate of home robberies, such as not providing information by phone to strangers, staying calm, and making a complaint to the State Attorney ‘s Office . As well as linking up with the closest or most trusted neighbors to monitor your home.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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