Promotors will take the Mazatlan zip line project to another tourist destination


The entrepreneurs promoting the zip line will take the project to another tourist destination, by closing the doors in Mazatlán, reported the tourist businessman Giancarlo Parolari González.

He said that they only needed to unravel an issue with the property of the Lighthouse, where no authority took charge of its property and that was where everything stopped.

“I see it difficult, I don’t know what was involved there, perhaps interests, because it was a fairly large project, and I already think that it is currently on standby until further notice, I do not know when I really do not know if it is going to To continue or not, what if all the investment has already been made, it has been in Mazatlán for years, but now it was not possible to have the required permits and most likely that investment we are going to take another destination ”, lamented the tourist entrepreneur.

Parolari González announced that investors are seeing that investment, which amounted to about 20 million pesos, be taken to another sun and beach tourist destination, outside of Sinaloa.

He defended that the zip line was a high-level project that was going to position Mazatlán worldwide, breaking Guinness records, it was a very different adventure, totally ecological and without environmental impact.


The Mazatlan Post