For 40 years these Mazatlan Gorditas have prevailed


Dozens of customers arrive daily to mitigate the cold and cravings with this delicacy accompanied by an atole

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- If you are one of the Mazatlan people who love to accompany the winter season with sweet flavors, you have surely visited the famous “Doña Chuyita” Gorditas and atole, located on Avenida Juan Carrasco, next to the Municipal Market with the same name.

A few blocks from the Monument to the Fisherman, María de Jesús Hernández, have shared for 40 years with the Mazatlecos her great flavor when preparing this delicious dessert

01 12 20 Gorditas and atole

This small position that began being managed by her and her sisters, has become a well-known business that employs around 10 people.

“Due to the need we had before, we started. We are already very recognized, thank God. They know me as atole and Gorditas ‘Chuyita’; The secret recipe is what distinguishes us, I do not share it with anyone, “he said.

01 12 20 Gorditas and atole

While flattening and frying the gorditas that take their characteristic puff with the hot oil, dozens of people arrive at the place requesting a glass of sweet atole to accompany them.

“They tell me it’s very good. They always say it and keep selling, and I tell them thank you, that until God allows it here we will continue ”

Doña Chuyita assured that this small business has served as one of the main sources of income for her and her family.

01 12 20 Gorditas and atole

It is from the beginning of October until the last day of April when the smell of Gorditas predominates on Juan Carrasco Avenue.

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