Visit the Santa Elena Canyon, a natural wonder of Chihuahua


If you are looking for a different weekend; surrounded by exceptional nature, breathing pure oxygen, and waking up among the singing of thousands of little birds, we have the best recommendation.

The Santa Elena Canyon in Chihuahua exhibits the contrast of two ecosystems: desert and the temperate-cold climate, but also here you can find an important variety of flora and fauna.

If you love to share your photos on Instagram, it is the ideal place for you, because in the area you will find different types of vegetation such as desert shrubbery microphyllous and awnless, desert rosetophilous shrubland, grassland, riparian vegetation, oak, and pine-oak forests.

You didn’t understand any of the above, right? In simpler words, the different colors of the foliage that upholster the floors and the varied flowers that you will be able to see will make your eyes fall in love.

For lovers of the famous succulents, we inform you that among the existing species in the canyon, there are 79 that are protected; of which thirteen are flora, mostly cacti.

The remaining 66 are beautiful animals, among which the black bear, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, and the beaver stand out.

The Santa Elena Canyon is fourteen kilometers long and its walls reach heights of up to 500 meters; the best prison for any environmentalist and nature lover.

There are other smaller canyons, springs and hot springs, some sulfur; In other words, add a swimsuit to your suitcase because a good dip is not going to be missing here.

Biological diversity offers great expectations for ecotourism.

Here you can find mesquite trees that are four to ten meters high with thorny branches. Its leaves are made up of several small leaves; It is a protected plant as a shade tree, which produces scented yellow flowers in spring.

Mesquites bear fruits that look like elongated pods with edible internal seeds that are basically used as food for some animals.

If you are a fan of the Lion King, you can meet Pumbaa in this environment, as wild boars are very common, small-bodied animals of grayish or dark brown color, similar to domestic pigs, about 90 centimeters in length.

Do not be scared by its two huge fangs that protrude from its upper lips next to the trunk; its ears are short and the legs are thin and end in hooves.

Other species that you can also see around here are the wildcat, deer and coyote.

Have you already seen yourself in full harmony with nature and its animals? Mark your friends and prepare this weekend for them to enjoy this northern gift and visit the Santa Elena Canyon in Chihuahua.

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