Sinaloa construction companies facing bankruptcy


The economic crisis generated by Covid-19 caused the bankruptcy of 15 companies

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The pandemic of the Covid-19 affectations generates all sectors and construction is no exception, said Eleuterio Silva Trujillo.

The president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry southern delegation revealed that 15% of the 98 member companies declared bankruptcy due to the crisis that the pandemic has left in its wake.

The construction sector has been one of the most affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Yes, there are already around 15% of the companies that are grouped in CMIC that are no longer working. They have already lowered the curtain due to the lack of employment, we are talking about around 15 companies ”, he said.

He mentioned that even those who coordinated these companies found it necessary to work as employees in subcontracting since this year there has been little public work that has been executed in the southern area of ​​the state of Sinaloa.

Silva Trujillo explained that for two months, 90% of companies do not have a job and that they do not have a statistic of the jobs that are lost, because there are businesses that have 5 or even 50 employees, in addition to those who are hired eventually when they have works, which can be up to 120, depending on their size.

We are hitting bottom, we are living practically with the will of God, in the south, I can tell you that 90% of the companies are unemployed, we are on the canvas at work and economically,” he said.

For this reason, the leader of the builders asked the authorities for support to reactivate the public works, because only in this way could small and medium-sized companies have an incentive to stay.

He regretted the scenario they are going through with the pandemic, and worse still, with the budget that has been cut in some areas for next year, the outlook is even more uncertain for the sector.


The Mazatlan Post