Construction of the New Mazatlan Aquarium at 40%


It is assured that it will open its doors to the public next summer

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The progress of the New Aquarium in Mazatlán is 40 percent of its construction, which is on the right track to open its doors to the public in the summer of 2021, announced Guillermo Zerecero, general director of the project.

Así será el nuevo Acuario de Mazatlán

Who stressed that its completion is on time and within the established times and with the participation of 500 employees in its construction, as well as with the supervision of the secretary of tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, who analyzes it weekly.

“The project is progressing very well, always with a very constant, very precise supervision of the secretary of tourism Oscar Pérez, on behalf of the governor, checking the progress of what is happening in the project week by week. It goes around 40 percent, close to 40 percent. “

While in Central Park, he announced that two weeks ago 500 trees were planted, the irrigation system that has already been tested, and at the moment 25 thousand plants are being planted.

“The Central Park issue is owned by the State Government and I know that they are being very careful with everything, the Culiacán Botanical Garden is currently providing the landscaping part -contracted and supervised by the state government, they are going very well- but The opening date is managed by them ”.

Zerecero recalled and clarified that the New Aquarium project is a work that as a whole has public and private investment, while Central Park is being rescued to remain the citizenry being administered by the Mazatlán City Council.

Likewise, he reported that starting next year, the authorities will most likely launch the call that will seek to collect the donations that collect the 700 million pesos that a regional museum will raise that will be owned by the Sinaloans themselves.


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