5 Ideas for Breakfast from Mexico Every Student Would Enjoy


Okay, let’s make it clear: students don’t usually have time to eat well. They frequently read something like nerdify reviews till the night to find good academic help, wake up in the morning, and rush to get to the class on time without even having breakfast. Or if they have it, they eat some sandwiches, omelets or cereals. 

With time, eating the same meals every day starts irritating young people. But what if there is a solution?

A friend of mine recently asked me: “What can be better than a taco cooked at 5 AM?”. Then, he answered: “TWO tacos cooked at 5 AM!” So, the Mexican cuisine seems to suit well for student breakfasts.

Here below, you’ll find five breakfast ideas inspired by Mexico. I won’t mention tacos and burritos only. There are many other tasty things to cook them quickly if you want to have a hot meal before leaving a dorm room in the morning.

Quesadilla: The Quintessence

This meal definitely stands among the most well-known Mexican cuisine ideas. To cook it, you’ll need a wheat or corn tortilla with some tasty filling. For starters, try adding some ham, boiled eggs, and cheese there. Delicious! 

Strata: Inspired by Huevos Rancheros

A layered meal of strata is usually rolled in tasty bread. Use eggs, two kinds of grated cheeses, chorizo, and bagels. To finalize this culinary masterpiece, make a rancheros sauce. The meal is a bit heavy, so it is better to invite roommates to share it with you.

Chilaquiles: Spicy Simplicity

The following Mexican dish has corn flapjacks as its basis. Most frequently, they add meat and hot spicy sauces Mexico is known for there. This meal suits studentship reality most of all: they say, Mexicans used to think chilaquiles to be a dish for poor people. Students are frequently on a tight budget, so it is fine to throw everything you’ve got in your fridge on a flapjack in the morning. Think of it as of a Mexican pizza!

Sandwich… but with Huevos Rancheros

Globalization influenced every field of our lives. Students from Africa send “is edubirdie legit” requests to Google aiming to find a reliable English-speaking writing service, and you can use the combo of British and Mexican cuisine approaches to cooking this meal. 

Take some ingredients mentioned in previous meals of this article (ham, eggs, cheese, or whatever else), and squish them between halves of a classical English muffin. Some students think it to be a more comfortable basis than usual tortillas, especially when it comes to using some liquid sauces.

Tamales: Adorable Uniqueness

This is a meal that Mexicans truly adore! It’s a corn or maize roll with filling. No other country has so many variations of tamales as Mexico. Every restaurant chef there wants to make their original version of this meal and claim it is the tastiest one ever.

Bonus: Classic Burrito

Fine, I skipped tacos on purpose, just like you should skip unipapers when choosing academic assistance providers. But I couldn’t avoid mentioning pure classics that popularized the cuisine of Mexico worldwide.

Of course, it’s an easy, hearty and tasty burrito. The number of calories it contains can keep your hunger down until you have time to have lunch, dinner, or even supper if needed.

Burritos are universal. It’s not a problem to cook them in a dorm room. Who knows, maybe this will be your college startup idea? Ingredients include Mexican cheese, scrambled eggs, peppers, chorizo, bacon and/or beans (black ones, in particular). Adding some spicy sauce is always a plus for me, but you might have a different taste.

Buen provecho!

The Mazatlan Post