Will Mazatlan’s El Creston sewage plant finally be moved


The projects of the multimodal transportation system in Culiacán and the remodeling and beautification of the Crestón were presented and registered in the Metropolitan Fund, with which they want to rescue that area as a tourist zone, reported Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez.

The director of Welfare and Social Development said that although the Metropolitan Fund will disappear, the Ministry of Finance informed them that everything will remain the same, that they continue to put in works projects, because there will be resources for the cities.

He explained that in the case of Mazatlán, the Crestón remodeling and beautification project was presented, where the sewage treatment plant is going to close and the plant will have to be dismantled and the area rescued as a tourist area.

“El Crestón implies 67 million pesos, that was what was registered. – They are foreseeing that the Crestón Plant is not going to be completely closed because they will continue to channel water. That is why the works are in the Gabriel Leyva, they are in the process of changing the flow, redirection of the pipes that go there, they are changing to the Urías Uno and Dos plants, ”said Guerra Martínez.

The director of Social Development trusted that by next year Mazatlán will enter the Urban Improvement Fund, where it would receive federal resources to improve its urban environment, which includes basic services such as beautification of parks, avenues, and sports units.

Source: radioformulamazatlan.com

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