No one is safe; hijackings of tourist and truck drivers constant concern on Sonora highways


A truck driver with an unknown name recounted through a video how he met with armed men on the Caborca ​​- Sonoyta highway, in the state of Sonora, where they threatened him and shot at his vehicle.

Violence in Caborca: Armed groups burn houses, businesses, and ranches

Sonora.- After yesterday there were multiple shootings and burns of businesses in the municipality of Caborca, Sonora, the video recorded by a truck driver that narrates how his encounter with armed men was when he was transporting products began to be broadcast on social networks. .

Mapa de Sonoyta - Caborca, Sonora

Although it is unknown when the events narrated in the video occurred, it is presumed that they are recent acts, since it has already been confirmed by the still Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo, that there is a conflict in the area over control to distribute drugs to the United States.

It is also known that the two criminal groups referred to by Alfonso Durazo are the Sinaloa Cartel, a faction led by the sons of Joaquín Guzmán Loera against the Caborca ​​Cartel, allegedly under the command of Rafael Caro Quintero.

Rafael Caro Quintero - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

According to what was narrated by the truck driver in the video, it indicates that while driving on the Caborca ​​- Sonoyta highway, they were intercepted by armed men who did not identify themselves, who forced them to go back and leave the heavy vehicles crossed on the road.

The truck driver tells how armed individuals ordered them to cross the heavy units and if they did not do so they would shoot them. It should be noted that in addition to blocking the road, they were required to “make a mess” with the load.

“They wanted me to cross myself, to make a mess with the load on the road if they were not going to hit me twice,” said the trailer driver.

VIDEO: Trailero denuncia cómo sicarios de Caro Quintero lo atacaron | La  Opinión

Later, he indicates that both he and two other truck drivers are stranded as well as several motorists who were circulating on the Caborca ​​- Sonoyta highway .

Shortly before the end of the video, he explains that one of the trailers that had been crossed had remained that way because armed men shot the tires on the side to force him to stop.

They punctured all the tires, they shot the tires on one side so that it stopped

The conflict between drug cartels in Sonora

Sonora is a state of the Mexican Republic located in the northwest of the country, while Caborca is a municipality also located in the northwest of the state that connects the Gulf of California with the border to the United States state of Arizona.

In the period from January to August in 2020, 1,086 homicides have been registered, according to data revealed by the En Punto newscast.

In recent days the mayor of Caborca , Librado Macías acknowledged that there was an armed conflict between organized crime groups for control of the area, presumably to transfer drugs.

It is a confrontation between two staunch groups that want to kill each other, said the mayor of Caborca, Sonora.

On the other hand, as a result of the recent violent events, four people were killed yesterday in multiple shootings that occurred in towns in the municipality of Caborca. In addition, a tire plant was burned and armed attacks were recorded against different homes.

Among the recent murders, unfortunately stands out that of Gerardo, a 35-year-old man, who was taken at gunpoint from his home by armed men and then executed outside it. All this while his family was also at home.

The  organized crime  remains under fire and capsizing the inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert, especially in the  municipality of Caborca , in the last hours to violence and death subjects them to the “collection floor.”

Since the weekend, carriers and motorists who travel along  Federal Highway Number 2 , which divides the desert in two, between the municipalities of Sonoyta, Caborca, Altar and Pitiquito, have been denouncing that they are assaulted by armed men, even throwing pineapples iron to flatten their tires so they make mandatory stops.

On Monday, October 19, a man was gunned down inside the bathrooms of the park located in the Esperanza neighborhood, after he was followed by an armed man several meters before arriving at the place, he was seeking help from the neighbors but they locked themselves in their homes scared. homes.

In the early morning of Tuesday, October 20, two executions were reported, a burning tire plant and three houses “bursting”.

At noon, armed men burned the La Coyotera asparagus packing plant located on the coast of this desert municipality; From the place that employs 200 temporary workers, two people are said to have been deprived of their liberty.

It turned out that this business refused to pay a fee to organized crime and the consequences were to burn down the business.

After 9:00 p.m. armed men spread terror along the old road that leads to Puerto Lobos.

It was reported that one person lost his life and at least two ranches were attacked and burned.

These are cattle ranches located in the agricultural Valley of Caborca, in the La Primavera ejido region.

During the first hours of this Wednesday, October 21, bursts of high-powered firearms were reported for the Niños Héroes, Burócrata, and Palma Dorada colonies.

The federal government has recognized that there is an intense armed conflict in this area of ​​Sonora, as confirmed by Alfonso Durazo during the morning conference on October 21, where he also pointed out that he had had a private security meeting in Sonora to discuss the issue.

After that statement, he affirmed that he would  resign the post of Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Mexico, to run as a candidate for the governor of Sonora as a militant of Morena.

Sonoyta-Caborca: chofer denuncia amenaza del crimen organizado

Criminal activity is booming despite chelates Ministry of Security Public of Sonora said that increased patrols of the Navy, the State Police Army and Guardia Nacional in order to give comfort to travelerstourists and residents in this area after the Davis family, originally from Arizona, United States, lived moments of terror when they were attacked by armed subjects on a highway in the state of Sonora while on their way to spend a few days at their beach house located in Puerto Lobos.

hijacking of American tourist

Since the weekend, carriers and motorists who travel along the highway in the Sonora desert, between the municipalities of Caborca, Altar and Pitiquito, have been denouncing that they are assaulted by armed men, even throwing iron pineapples to puncture their tires.

At 12:26 am on Tuesday, October 20, the security authorities, through the Red Code, had reports of a man without life, due to firearm projectiles in the town Y Griega. He was identified as Eustaquio, 52 years old.

The events occurred in a barracks in the Los Laureles neighborhood, where a fire broke out. A sedan vehicle was also charred. Testimonials indicated that people arrived in vehicles carrying firearms at the site.

Then, at 03:09 hours, the C5i registered a report of firearm detonations in the 6 de Abril neighborhood, where a lifeless body of a male person was found inside a house.

The victim was identified as Gerardo Rafael, “El Gera”, 35 years old, who suffered several gunshot wounds. Several percussion caps for long weapons were collected from the place. Facts being investigated, reported the State  Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) .

Strong detonations of firearms continue to be reported by the inhabitants despite the fact that Public Security of Sonora has reported preventive and coordinated operations with federal armed forces.

A house located on Calle Primera de los Jardines between avenues A and 13 de Julio in the Doctores neighborhood was “burned” at noon on Wednesday, October 21.

The Sonoran desert area is highly dangerous to travel right now.

The United States Department of State, since June 22, 2020, maintains a travel alert to the municipality of Caborca.

“The Consulate General of the United States has received reports of cartel violence in the municipality of Caborca ​​and surrounding areas, including heavily armed groups patrolling the area, with attacks on the sides of the cartels. The personnel of the American consulate is prohibited from traveling on Federal Highway 2 from Santa Ana to Sonoyta until further notice ”.


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