Mazatlan dairy producers invite citizens to consume dairy products from the region


Mazatlán, Sin.- The Local Livestock Association of Mazatlán urged citizens to consume dairy products from the region to avoid being deceived by large companies and, likewise, contribute to improving the economy of the livestock sector.

The president of the association, Felipe Velarde, pointed out that there is unfair competition in the market, because by not incorporating milk in its entirety to products such as cheeses, the consumer is not provided with the nutrients they require for a balanced diet.

“We are in unfair competition, it is not milk, nor are it cheeses, they are milk formulas with the look that is given cheaply, but they are foods that do not nourish, do not have vitamins for good development, they make cheese from pure milk, genuine foods Compared to that, they cannot with the prices, they are cheap, they are not original ”, he said.

The rancher pointed out that, in the face of an uncertain outlook due to the pandemic, the consumer must take more care of their diet and one way to do this is through regional producers, who have dedicated their lives to making cheese and other derivatives.

He also added that when buying milk, they should note that the packaging says “fresh milk”, it has less time to live than a pasteurized, but guarantees better nutrients than this. “

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The Mazatlan Post