Yes there will be a Mazatlan Carnival 2021, but without a parade says Mayor


As long as the trend of the pandemic continues as it goes, there will be a carnival, but there will probably be no parade

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced this morning that there will be Carnival, but without a parade.

The above, in relation to the suspension of the carnivals in the port of Veracruz and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

“As long as the trend of the (Covid-19) pandemic continues, as it goes, there is going to be a carnival, there will probably be no parade,” he calculated.

Benítez Torres said that they are looking at the prevention guidelines, since they have to be very strict and different “because we cannot stop economic activity, without neglecting health issues,” he added.

Regarding the different activities that take place within the framework of the so-called Mazatlecos festival, such as the Naval Combat, he said that the process of the protocols is beginning as well as that of the stadiums.

The Mazatlán International Carnival will be named in this edition ‘Lanao’ A Journey in Time, and will take place from February 11 to 16, 2021.


The Mazatlan Post