Ricky Martín, Chayanne, Belinda… Mazatlecos ask for the Mazatlan Carnival 2021


* Decision will be made in November

* Spill of about 650 million

Mazatlan Sinaloa- The organization of the Mazatlán International Carnival 2021 follows its normal rhythm, but it will depend mainly on its completion in February and the final decision will have to be made in the first week of November. For now there are names of artists that people want to see, but there is nothing formal and some of them are: Chayanne, Belinda, Ricky Martín…, José Ángel Tostado, director of the Municipal Institute of Culture, acknowledged in the interview.

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Interviewed before an event by the mayor of Mazatlan, the municipal official acknowledged that if the great celebration of Mazatlecos and Sinaloans does not take place, without a doubt that the economic spill will negatively affect the economy of the municipality; we are talking about a little more than 650 million pesos that would no longer be received.

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He said that the plans are still in the Institute of Culture; The call for their majesties has already closed and there were 14 applicants for carnival queens, 3 children’s warblers and 9 candidates for “king of joy.” She specified that the “walkway” and the campaigns of their “majesties” will also depend on what happens in the first week of November.

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The head of Culture admitted that it is not possible to advance in the eventual contracts with the artists until not knowing if there will be carnival parties, since the advances that can be of many thousands of pesos could be lost.

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Tostado didn’t want to talk about amounts to spend at the carnival; Nor to start construction work on the floats, although the designers are ready to work.

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