Mazatlan will finally turn down the volume of music in bars, nightclubs, and public transport


Municipal authorities will act energetically against bands that disturb guests in hotels during the night

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán city council seeks to curb noise pollution both in entertainment centers and parties, as well as rental public transport units.

Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola in charge of the dispatch of the Public Safety and Municipal Transit Secretariat said that this action will be carried out in the face of complaints received due to excessive noise, in the surveillance operations that are carried out to verify sanitary and security measures, will be added to the Municipal Ecology staff to intervene.

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He also stressed that in the case of aurigas and pulmonias, special attention will be paid since complaints are recurrent due to the high volume carried by these transport units, and for which various points and observations have been made to the leaders of this sector.

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“Today we meet here at CAPTA base to raise awareness of public transport, to raise awareness among the owners of bars and nightclubs. We are going to ask them to start regulating the noise they are emitting; we are going to start acting, it is the instruction we have from the mayor. 

The visits will be made again by the Ecology, Commerce, Tourist Police, Municipal Police, Traffic, Civil Protection, and also the Beach Operator since there are problems on the beachside. 

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The important thing here is the complaint, that they use 911, that they download the Mazatlán APP application and continue to report because we are going to act and we are going to punish violators, ”said Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.

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During the meeting, municipal officials also analyzed the problems that are occurring in the beach area, where the presence of bands and musical groups causes discomfort among hotel guests, at night, so they will also seek to act in a more energetic way without affecting this activity that is part of the customs of the region.

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Alfaro Gaxiola added that in the case of private or clandestine parties that may take place, it is important that citizens report in time to act accordingly.

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