Yalitza Aparicio and Juan Daniel García reflect on diversity in cinema


The actors discussed the need to maintain more openness

Yalitza Aparicio and Juan Daniel García have something in common: neither has acting studies nor did they plan to become the protagonists of a Mexican film in recent years. But both star in the films that in 2019 and 2020 top the list of nominees for the Ariel Prize, Rome and I’m Not Here, distributed by Netflix.

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In a talk on the Oaxacan actress’s YouTube channel, the two talked about the process they went through before, during, and after filming their movies. In addition to reflecting on the need to tell stories in Mexican cinema without stereotypes or focused only on actors of a specific social status.

“There is a very wide diversity and it is sad to see that in the cinema it is not used and that there are also stereotyped roles,” said the Oscar nominee for her work in Rome during the talk.

“I think that cinema is capable of sending subliminal messages to society, like ‘Are you brown-skinned? You can only aspire to this job ‘or’ If you were of such appearance, you would have the opportunity to aspire to another type of job ‘are messages that we are unwittingly sharing with society ”, said Yalitza.

For his part, Juan Daniel García, delved into the need to decentralize the stories and not focus them solely on large cities, as is the case in Ya I’m not here, a film that portrays a group of young lovers of lowered cumbia (subgenre of the Colombian cumbia) and what happens in Monterrey.

“It is important that people not only from Mexico but from all over can see not only from the good side of our cities. I say it for my city, that not only is San Pedro (Garza García), there is also Independence, which is a face that not everyone sees, and not many know, ”said Juan Daniel, who is nominated for the Ariel Award as Actors Revelation.

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The actor, who in Fernando Frías’s film gives life to Ulises, commented that thanks to the opportunity he experienced with this film, other members of his community have taken the help of those who offer them a better life away from drugs or violence.

“I think it is very important to me because it reflects the lack of opportunities that exist around the world, not just in Mexico. I feel that guys like me are the ones to show this other side to the people and let them see that there is also talent in the neighborhood and we just need to support it ”, he said.

The actors also shared some anecdotes such as their first day on set, where Yalitza’s legs were shaking when filming her first scene or in which Juan Daniel believed that the entire production was angry with him because no one greeted him. , but in reality, it was a technique that director Fernando Frías used to make his first day of filming lighter.

I’m not here anymore, starring Juan Daniel García, who is nominated for 13 Ariel awards, a ceremony that will take place this Sunday via streaming and can be seen on Channel 22.

Source: revistabooking.com, elsoldemexico.com.mx

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