Will Mazatlan finally do something about the Pulmonias, Aurigas, and Razor problems


Faced with the constant complaints of localS and even tourists themselves, Mazatlan Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres will put the AURIGAS, PULMONIAS, and the drivers of “RAZORS” in the THEIR PLACE; the first for noisy and the second too, but also that they are vehicles driven at full speed and without precautions on the main avenues of the port.

At least in the Historic Center, the neighbors have already raised the complaint to the City Council because at night the pulmonia drivers and aurigueros play music at very high volume, while the “razer” also play at high decibels, but the aggravating factor is that the Drivers man these last units as if they were racing cars and because they are tall vehicles they get on the sidewalks and turn wherever they want.

Urgent regulation needed to control Razor vehicles in Mazatlan - The  Mazatlán Post

Thus, in this morning’s interview with Mayor Benítez Torres, he announced a campaign to bring to order scandalous drivers or those who drive without caution on the streets and avenues.

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