Coca Cola truck collides with train in Mazatlan


The eighteen-wheeler was hit by a train in La Cruz.

There were only material losses and a great scare for the truck driver who was unharmed.

Mazatlan.- On Saturday, September 5th, a red Kenworth brand trailer owned by the Coca Cola company was hit by the train when the driver tried to recklessly cross the rail tracks.

The vehicle was driven by Alfredo G., a resident of Culiacán, who was unharmed, but very nervous after the accident.

The mishap that only left material losses; took place at the junction of Zoquititán and Ceuta boulevards near the local highway that connects Mazatlan with Potrerillos.


After the impact, hundreds of boxes were destroyed and dragged for several meters while the merchandise was scattered in the place where the scavengers showed up almost immediately after the incident.

Witnesses immediately called the emergency services, arriving at the place personnel of Civil Protection, Firefighters, and Public Security and Municipal Traffic Police from the Elota municipality.

Thousands of bottles of soda were thrown away after the crash.

The locomotive that was driven by Óscar G, from the city of Mazatlán, stopped at the moment of impact and soon after continued its march.

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