Over 200 service calls have been responded to using the Mazatlan ALERT BUTTON


Mazatlan.- Three months since the Alert Button was implemented, as a citizen complaint tool, over 200 services have been requested by this means, which is part of the Mazatlan APP application.

This was highlighted by the Civil Protection Coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, who said that as of December 17, there is a record of 9,600 users, and that in the case of the Alert Button, the number of attentions oscillates in the 63 in average.

He said that among the calls of citizens, various emergencies, accidents, reports of people who were allegedly drugging on public roads, vehicles or suspicious persons, in the least cases of theft, and 73 calls or test buttons, same as They were attended by the C2 staff.

“The response time has really been greatly improved. We are with a time below 5 minutes to the call of citizenship. 

What do they request? From information regarding a need that the citizen has in the sense of wanting to know a specific site, to emergency medical attention or intervention of the fire department of the city. 

We invite citizens to download the Mazatlan APP application and especially in these holiday parties when we have a large influx of national and foreign tourism, ”he said.

The Civil Protection Coordinator urged both local citizens and tourists who vacation in Mazatlan, to download the application to their cell phone since the Alert Button is a very useful tool to ask for support in case of a risk situation or emergency or to signal a lack in public services.

He stressed that the application is also in the English language for ease of foreign tourists.

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During a tour of the C2 facilities, located in the Citizen Security Complex, he added that the staff attends and follows up on calls made by SeguriChat users, which are groups of settlers or organized entrepreneurs.

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Mazatlan App

It makes citizen attention reports, receives official notifications from the City Council in different areas, has a direct messaging system with the mayor and has an alert button to receive attention in emergency situations.

This application provides citizens with a mechanism to make citizen attention reports regarding:

· Parks and Gardens   
· Public Lighting    
· Public Works          
· Urban Cleaning 
· Municipal Board of Drinking Water
· Sports        
· Ecology         
· Traffic          
· Planning     
· Economic Development          
· Welfare and Social Development           
· DIF System  
· Senior Officials          
· Public Security     
· Women’s Municipal Institute
· Housing and Land Tenure

In addition, it allows to receive notifications made by the H. City Council of Mazatlan, regarding:
· Traffic
· Works
· Events
· Promotions

It is a channel Direct communication with the mayor through a message system.

Provides an alert button requesting help in emergency situations.

The Mazatlan App is available in Spanish and English.

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Click here for Iphone

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