“Mazatlan entrepreneurs are stronger than ever”


The president of Coparmex in Mazatlán pointed out that several companies are training entrepreneurs to consolidate and formalize and thus grow as a city.

MAZATLÁN.- The phenomenon of entrepreneurs is stronger than ever for this 2023, and the objective is to join efforts so that they continue in force, said Fernando Valdez Solano, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Mazatlán, Coparmex.

He mentioned that there are some local companies that are supporting the training of these new entrepreneurs, with the aim that, since their creation, they are formalized and enter into business dynamics and thus grow together.

“They come stronger, we have to promote it so that it does not stop, it has to be something that becomes everyday, something that we see as normal, not as a novelty, which is something new and spectacular, it has to become everyday, we have to support us to our young people”, he declared.

Valdez Solano pointed out that Coparmex has an Inclusive Development Model whose goal is to generate approximately 1 million jobs, and of these, train and support 40 percent of entrepreneurs in Mazatlan.

“The economy is very dynamic, that’s why we have to involve entrepreneurs… if we achieved that goal, we would have a more dynamic country and we would incorporate talented young people who bring ideas to develop and improve the business environment,” he said.

This boom has been more noticeable with the entrepreneurship bazaars that take place in Mazatlan every weekend, Mercado Rosa, Girls Bazar, Morritas Bazar, and an endless number of spaces that are being characterized as spaces for the entrepreneur to give themselves know.

The idea, added the president of Coparmex, is that they register with the IMSS, the SAT and everything that a formal company implies, so that it remains in the state registry and that it serves to measure the growth of Mazatlán as one of the cities in Sinaloa with more commercial activity.

This boom of entrepreneurs has also been identified in an increase since the confinement by Covid-19, young people who became unemployed or without face-to-face school and sought ways to improve their finances from home, many of them achieving popularity on social networks.

Source: punto.mx

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