Myths About LGBT Dating in Mexico


The history of the queer movement in Mexico is multifaceted and full of various controversial events. For instance, do you know why the number 41 was considered taboo in Mexico for a long time? It was avoided by all means and considered something that brings bad luck. Back in November 1901, a scandalous incident occurred where 41 men were arrested, 20 of whom were dressed as men and 19 as women. It was at a private party, where the aforementioned men were all dancing and having a good time before police raided the apartments. The event was called “Baile de Los 41,” which means the dance of the 41.

Thankfully, the days of general disdain for LGBTQ+ representatives are long gone, and community members have long been out and proud. Nevertheless, you can still encounter a lot of myths that can be confusing and give you the wrong idea about queer dating in Mexico. And if things are more transparent with gay dating, what about lesbian dating in Mexico? Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular myths and figure out where and how you can meet gay girls in Mexico because, contrary to popular belief, the community is so big and diverse that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

1. Meeting lesbians in Mexico is still hard

Many queer people who come to Mexico for the first time and those just beginning their journey as a member of the LGBT community in Mexico still think this myth is true. But contrary to popular belief, finding a lesbian local hookup has never been easier. Thanks to the popularity of dating sites in Mexico, online sex dating is thriving. Today, a lesbian of any age can open a dating site, create an account, and enjoy the benefits of modern technology to the fullest. Given how popular web recourses are these days, thousands of Mexican lesbians have gathered in one place to find love and romance, which means finding someone suitable for you won’t be difficult. Choose a platform that suits your needs best, make use of built-in filters to narrow your search, and meet like-minded girls seeking the same kind of fun.

2. All the lesbians you meet in Mexico want to sleep with you

Despite their hot temperament and passionate nature, lesbians in Mexico are not just “wanting animals,” as some may think. Given that the culture of no-strings-attached relationships is thriving and finding a Mexican lesbian for a one-night stand is quite easy, many seek out and successfully find long-term relationships and build happy families. It all depends on your intentions in the first place. To avoid misunderstandings with local lesbians, just talk about your desires initially. When both parties know what they meet for, communication is much easier.

3. All Mexican lesbians are strictly divided into two types: butch and femme

Nobody knows where this myth came from, but it’s not true. Regardless of which country we are talking about, the lesbian community, in general, is so diverse that it is just foolish to believe such myths. While searching for queer girls in Mexico, you’ll see how different lesbians can be here. You’ll meet butches, femmes, lipstick and chapstick lesbians, and so many more! Each member of the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico is unique and engaging in their own way, so it’s easy to find the perfect woman for you, no matter what category of lesbian you belong to or who you’d like to see by your side.

Three Best Places to Meet Lesbians in Mexico

  • Cabaretito; Londres 77

Among the popular places to meet single lesbians, this bar is one of the best. Every Thursday, lesbians from all over the neighborhood gather to enjoy cheap drinks and rock on the dance floor where men aren’t allowed. Grab your besties and start your hunt for hot Mexican lesbians by hitting this place; success is guaranteed!

  • La Nacional; Orizaba and Querétaro, Col. Roma

If dancing is not your thing and you prefer beer over cocktails, visit this popular local mezcalería. They serve a wide range of unique Mexican beers, which may particularly appeal to those tired of the trivial Corona or Indio. A diverse queer community gathers here, including lesbians from around the area. If you want to meet a like-minded lesbian who loves beer and cozy conversations, this is definitely the place for you to visit!

  • Los Canallas; Regina 57

Cocktail aficionados will find this place perfect, as it serves delicious mojitos, sangrias, and other girly cocktails. The bar menu also offers a variety of dishes for those hungry for a bite to eat. This bar is attached to a hostel, so it’s a great chance to meet itinerant lesbians for a night of passion. The girls here are often looking for fun rather than something serious, so if you’re not interested in a romantic relationship but want to meet a girl for a one-night stand, trying this bar is a must.

Lesbian dating in Mexico has changed in many ways, and it’s safe to say that it has never been easier to meet queer women. The LGBTQ+ community here is wide and diverse and welcomes any eager to have fun, so don’t believe any myths unless you have witnessed them yourself!

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