Green areas of Mazatlan in total abandonment


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (September 1st, 2020).- Out of 879 green areas that exist in Mazatlán, 340 are not properly maintained, 72 are invaded or partially invaded, 45 remain as vacant lots, 33 are used as parking lots, 11 are used as garbage dumps and 18 were fenced, this according to supervision made by the Public Works Audit of the Public Prosecution Service.

The review was based on the list of green areas available to the Department of Municipal Assets, with the support of students from CBTIS 51, assigned to the social service and professional practices of that campus.

The report refers that the areas with lack of maintenance are neglected by the municipal government and the locals, with lack of trees, while the non-urbanized, which remain as vacant, are sites or places without lot delimiting, they have no specific use and are not cared for or maintained, so they are prone to being invaded.

Of the total green areas in the municipality, it was observed that only 37% are in good condition, that is, 326 out of the 879.

It should be clarified that in the supervision, 6 of the areas were not found, since they do not appear in the municipal property blueprints.

On the other hand, despite being areas that must be characterized by the presence of vegetation, 13 of them have been paved, covered with concrete and turned into alleys or walkways.

And 8 more are areas that were donated by the City Council for the benefit of citizens, in most cases for health, education, recreation, or churches.

Ecologists and environmentalists from the Ecological Council of Mazatlán and the Center for Agricultural and Environmental Education have agreed that there is a deficit of green areas in the city of Mazatlán of up to 11 square meters per inhabitant and that the few green spaces that exist are not properly maintained.

According to CEMAZ studies, there are 5 square meters of green areas per inhabitant in the port, when the recommendation of the World Health Organization is at least 16 square meters.

The results of this review of the Public Works Audit area of ​​the Public Prosecutor’s Office, reflects the lack of environmental education in the people and the little will to rescue these areas on the part of the municipal, state and federal governments, with reforestation programs, conservation and care of parks, gardens and green areas.

On the contrary, this weekend machinery that performs lining and cementing works on the Jabalines stream continued with the felling of trees in the area, despite the commitment of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development to respect the vegetation of the place and initiate a reforestation program.

And the strong tree-planting projects are directed to the rural areas, where a total of 4 thousand trees will be planted in the El Habal-La Noria tourist circuit, and the communities of El Quemado. , Summers, El Recodo, and the Picachos Dam.

Source: OEM

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