Mazatlan taxi driver finds a body in the trunk of his vehicle


The events took place in the Urbi Villa subdivision, on Francisco Madero Herrero avenue and Infanta Elena street

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Yesterday, a taxi driver discovered a lifeless person in the trunk of his vehicle, in the Urbi Villa subdivision, in Mazatlán.

29 08 Encajuelado Mazatlán

Unofficially, it is known that the taxi driver was about to make his route when checking the trunk of his vehicle he found the person without identifying.

29 08 Encajuelado Mazatlán

The events took place in the Urbi Villa subdivision, on Francisco Madero Herrera avenues and Infanta Elena streets.

The Municipal Police arrived at the place to cordon off the area, meanwhile some families approach the place to identify the body.


The clock read 12:00 hours when a macabre discovery was reported in the Urbi Villas subdivision, south of Mazatlán.

The municipal authorities responded immediately to the warning of the neighbors, who saw from a distance a foot that was coming out of the trunk of an “apparently abandoned” taxi.

The vehicle was located on Calle Molinos del Norte, on the corner of Avenida Francisco Madero Herrera, in the Urbi Villas subdivision.

The place was cordoned off with a yellow ribbon, which warns that a homicide was confirmed

The rumor of the discovery spread like wildfire through the subdivision and many people came to see what was happening, but the police officers did not allow access to the area defined as a “crime scene.”

The news also reached the taxi drivers, who when they found out they mobilized to the area to see if the person inside the car was their partner.

The minutes passed and more taxi drivers arrived in the area, but the man’s body could not be identified in the place since he was transferred to the facilities of the guard funeral home waiting for a relative to come to identify him.


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