Unbridled contamination in Mazatlan’s Infiernillo estuary


Ecology department seeks an intervention plan to improve the conditions of the place

 From the rubble, garbage, dead animals, furniture in poor condition, semi-destroyed boats, and everything that represents waste in the houses is thrown on the banks of the Infiernillo estuary in broad daylight without the authority doing something about it.

And now that the construction of the so-called “Malecón de los Pobres” has been announced in that area, the greatest challenge will be cleaning and conserving the place, so the director of Ecology and Environment, Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, considered that said project, which is still unknown, will improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the area, but will also make the problem of that area visible.

“I was at a meeting where the proposal for the paving of Circunvalación Street is already in place, I don’t know about the project, the state government also has a project to rehabilitate the estuary, but I believe that any project that reaches that area is good, Whatever, because it will improve people’s living conditions, on the one hand, but the problem we have in that area will also be visible, “he said.

There is a serious pollution problem in the area.

He said that the problem of pollution is the responsibility of Ecology as long as there is a citizen complaint, in which the person who is misusing the estuary is directly pointed out, otherwise, it could not be intervened, as it is more of a question surveillance by the Department of Public Safety.

“It is not an issue that concerns us directly with Ecology, we cannot prevent people from continuing to throw garbage in the estuary unless there is a complaint, that is very clear. There a greater vigilance is required, preventing them from arriving in the truck to unload their garbage, prevent citizens, if the truck missed them, go and dump it there, that is a matter of vigilance and not of Ecology, it is up to us to address the citizen complaint, in which it is indicated that he is misusing the estuary, but let us know who the person is or where he lives , “he said.

He added that to date there is no report or complaint of misuse of the estuary, but that once the project is made known, a way will be sought to intervene from the department he directs to try to improve the situation.

If you put a kind of sidewalk on the boardwalk, where people can go to sit and enjoy the estuary, you will inhibit them from throwing out the trash.

He explained that the project must have an environmental impact study, which is rigorous.

“Any project that comes to that area must have an environmental impact study, which is de rigueur. In some way it will improve living conditions and we will prevent the estuary from continuing to be invaded and that it is said to fill with rubble and garbage. “he explained.


People who live around the estuary of Infiernillo see with good eyes the construction of the so-called “Malecón de los Pobres” ” poor peoples boardwalk” since that would end the pollution problem that exists in the place.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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