Have you noticed all the young families moving into Mexico?


Banderas News Perhaps now more than ever, people’s approach and appreciation for family life and how and where we raise our children has changed.

When Tropicasa Realty first opened its doors in 1997, Puerto Vallarta was very much a destination for vacation home buyers and those looking ahead to their retirement years. But as time has passed, we have seen a new segment of homeowner in the Banderas Bay area, with more and more young families moving to Mexico from Canada or the USA.

While once seen as a very adventurous move, to change countries with children in tow, for many young families, moving to Puerto Vallarta is an adventure, yes, but a wise investment both financially and for their family lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why:

• The rise of the remote workplace – Many families are able to have one or both parents working for an American or Canadian company from a home office in Puerto Vallarta, allowing them to earn a strong USD/CAN while living in Mexico and avoiding lengthy commutes.

• A strong economy for small businesses Many young families in the foreign community use their entrepreneurial skills to open their own businesses in a host of industries, including tourism services and retail stores, and there is a strong sense of community in supporting locally owned and run businesses in Puerto Vallarta.

• Affordable housing – Many young families will find home ownership much more within reach in Puerto Vallarta than in their town of origin. For example, this listing in family-friendly Fluvial which is just 10 minutes to downtown and close to schools and shopping, offers 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a pool for just $239,000 USD.

• Excellent educational options – There are numerous bilingual private schools in Puerto Vallarta that offer a high level of education with a very affordable price tag. A quality private school education starts around $2000 USD per year per child and almost all schools offer a discount for siblings from the same family.

• Quality healthcare – A cost for a visit to a pediatrician or most any doctor or dentist is around $28 USD and appointments can generally be had same day or within 24 hours. For long-term health coverage, there are several insurance brokers in Puerto Vallarta that can assist with a family health insurance policy. Some remote workers will also find that their company health insurance benefits will also cover private hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.

The appeal of living in a great climate and raising children with the beach as their playground and watching them acquire a second language with amazing speed is incredibly appealing for many young families.

Source; Banderas News