Mazatlan police officers clean the beach and remove invaders


Public Security agents collected branches, trunks, and garbage from the coastal area as part of the so-called “Operation Networks” (Operación Redes).

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (August 15, 2020).- Personnel from the Ministry of Public Security and the special group Leopardo carried out a comprehensive day of beach cleaning, as part of Operation Networks, in which they removed a dozen people who were allegedly taking refuge in the coastal area, where they were ingesting alcohol and consuming other illicit substances, two of them were found carrying knives.

Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, dispatch manager of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic, led the cleaning tasks, in which branches, trunks, and all kinds of garbage were collected.

He said that the withdrawal of people who drink alcoholic beverages and take drugs on the beaches, was done in response to the citizen complaints, and because these people give a bad image to the port of Mazatlan.

Alfaro Gaxiola pointed out that during the operation, the security agents also make people and tourists aware of the fact that everybody must help to keep the beaches of Mazatlan clean.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlán