(Mazatlan Elections) González Torrentera Has Adversary to the Mayor’s Office: Roberto Rodríguez


* The “Roro” is in charge of Morena

* David’s aspirations legitimate, he says

In the Morena party there are already two visible candidates for the mayor of Mazatlán: the recently resigned from the Directorate of Economic Development and Tourism, David González Torrentera, and the current one in charge of the operation of the political institute in the port, Roberto Rodríguez, former director of the municipal DIF.

Precisely in an interview “Roro” himself, as some friends know Roberto Rodríguez, pointed out that “González Torrentera’s aspirations are very legitimate, as are mine too; I would love to be part of the 4 Transformation and the changes led by the President of the Republic; we knocked on doors in the last elections and now it would be an honor for the party to choose me as a candidate for the Municipal Presidency or to be useful wherever they tell me … “

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González Torrentera

Regarding González Torrentera, he indicated that he is not very sure if he has membership or is registered in Morena’s register, but that does not prevent him from aspiring and registering in the contest as an external candidate so that through three surveys he can decide who may be the candidate for the presidential chair of Mazatlán.

“It is very legitimate for him to aspire as an external candidate … He also collaborated for a year and a half with this government,” he emphasized.

He pointed out that at the moment, one year after the election, there is no reliable registry, it is even intervened by the National Electoral Institute, which ordered the interim leadership headed by Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar to internal election no later than August 26 and decide for an elected leadership with votes.

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