Tourist and locals climb the Mazatlan lighthouse amid sanitary protocols


To enter Cerro del Crestón, the assistance must rigorously wear masks, although on the way they remove it

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The Del Crestón hill, where the natural lighthouse considered the highest in the world is located, does not go up any, since to do so they must comply with a regulation that seeks to avoid Covid-19 infections.

Since the visitor arrives at the entrance of the site, he is warned with a series of guidelines that he must abide by. Failure to comply, the staff operating there denies him entry to travel its 157 meters high.

Facemask required

Rosalía Zamora, who is in charge of clarifying any doubts for the passers-by, pointed out that no one can enter the hill if they do not wear masks. However, during the ascent or descent, many take it off.

Taking temperature, he said, is another requirement that people must meet. If you have a fever, you will be denied access.

While some climb with masks, others descend without this protection. Photo: Sergio Pérez / EL DEBATE

Another rule that people must comply with, he mentioned, is to keep a healthy distance of 1.5 meters, in addition to using antibacterial gel and avoiding waving, hugging, or kissing. 

Fluid circulation

Every day, he assured, more than 300 people climb the hill, including national and local tourists, who hydrate themselves throughout the journey through water or serum they carry to avoid dehydration symptoms, although there are Civil Protection personnel who is on the lookout for any eventuality.

So far, he said, there have been no cases of heatstroke among the assistance, the previously asked to be hydrating to avoid decompensation. 

The schedules

Those who go to the lighthouse, he specified, can do so from 06:45 to 18:45, since their access is completely interrupted at 20:00, due to the disagreement of locals who have not imposed themselves on the new measures. of operation that the lighthouse has three weeks after its opening after it was closed for three months as a result of the health contingency that exists throughout the country. 


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