Wastewater will not be thrown anymore into the Urías estuary


As of August 10, the JUMAPAM Urías 1 treatment plant will operate again with double its capacity.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- “With a treatment capacity of 400 liters per second, the Urías 1 wastewater treatment plant will restart operations on August 10, which will stop the throwing of pretreated water into the estuary”, said the general manager of JUMAPAM, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros.

Since November 2019, when the installed capacity of the Urías 1 Plant was exceeded, it was agreed to temporarily pour treated water into the Urías estuary, with the supervision of specialized personnel and analysis of water quality every 15 days.

This work is carried out through the state government, and includes the doubling of the capacity of the Urías 1 treatment plant and also the construction of a new plant, which is the “Urías 2”.

JUMAPAM officials clarified that these projects could not be completed in the time established by the coronavirus pandemic.

They explained that as part of the work plan presented prior to the start of the project, it was determined to divert 60% of the treatment capacity to the El Crestón plant and the rest to be pre-treated and discharged in the Urías estuary.

It is expected that after the completion of the works, a management plan will be implemented to regulate the Urías estuary, where residents have received a negative health impact, and the mangrove ecosystem has been irreversibly damaged.

Source: OEM

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