Mazatlan clubs, bars ‘table dance’ have reopened yet gyms are still not allowed to open


The clubs, bars ‘table dance’ can already operate in Mazatlan, however, the authorities will only begin to define the guidelines for the opening of places of physical exercise

Mazatlán, Sin.- This week the guidelines for the reopening of gyms in the municipality of Mazatlán could be defined , said Eloy Ruiz Gastélum .

The coordinator of Civil Protection in the port explained that for each turn of amusement centers, the Technical Health Committee, which is made up of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, Coepriss, Municipal Health, Senior Officials and Civil Protection, values ​​and establishes sanitary guidelines to follow within the framework of the New Normality, and which in the case of gyms, are still in process.

“He is just fine-tuning the general and specific details where all the gyms are going to resume, we hope and they will be published and released between Monday and Tuesday; If so, possibly the day immediately after, that is, Wednesday or Thursday, we will start with the reviews to validate the general conditions. ”

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum explained that seven nightclubs have already resumed their activities, once the guidelines were released and those establishments complied with them.

“The people that the gym owners are proposing, adhering to the sanitary guidelines and protocols, and any gym that does meet those specifications, is when it will begin to reactivate again. Right now we have a waiting list to be validated and reviewed their protocols, once they are released, we have approximately 45 gyms on the waiting list. ”

Finally, he said that in the case of an event held on Sunday in the Villa Unión syndicate, where a large number of attendees gathered, the municipality did not grant permits and that the instruction received from the mayor is that a strategy will be implemented of greater vigilance because this type of activity is not allowed.


The Mazatlan Post