Mazatlan catamaran trips recover during weekend


Up to three trips are made per day, during the week only one or two

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Of the three daily trips that were commonly made in previous years during the summer vacation period, now, due to the low number of tourists that arrive at the port during the week, one to two trips are made daily.

Only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the service is profitable since they are the days of tourism in the port. However, the catamaran operators point out that the sanitary measures slightly reduce the service, since they are only allowed to go to 50% of the units, leaving large numbers of passengers unattended.

Catamaran La Iguana

“Tourism if there is, what happens is that we cannot upload a lot of people, the maximum they allow us is 50%, this catamaran that can fit 190 people only has to go 80. We make three trips a day, but not in everyone manages to meet that percentage, “ said Gerardo of Catamaran Sunset.

Javier de catamaran Playa Sur has suffered the effects of the pandemic as he remembers how in 2019 the service was in 100% demand.

“The demand for the service has been very low, right now instead of making three trips we only do two and sometimes only one. The weekend is when it goes up and if all three trips get up,” he said.

For Miguel de La Iguana catamaran, the most difficult has been dealing with users since many do not want to comply with the recommendations, such as using mouth covers when boarding the unit.

Catamaran Puesta de sol

“People who come sometimes do not want to follow the protocols, after all they come to Mazatlan to have fun, but most of them do not have mouth covers and we demand them, we do not let them pass because we do not want them to stop us activities. There are people who get angry, but we are not going to expose ourselves for a few people, “ he said.


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