Grupo Modelo will produce Special Edition Beer


Mexico City, Mexico — Grupo Modelo reported that the company will brew a special edition beer with barley purchased from Mexican producers during the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was made after the brewing company reached an agreement with farmers for the purchase of the crop.

According to the chamber of industry, Cerveceros de México bought 180,000 tons of barley in the autumn-winter cycle, as requested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

“We buy barley in this harvest so that thousands of farmers and their families can move on. With this barley, we will harvest a better tomorrow to develop a new variety of Model Beer that we can enjoy when we meet again,” reported Alejandro Gutierrez, director of Premium Brands of the company.

“This special edition, created by Mexican master brewers, will complement the Model Beer portfolio of Special Model, Black Model, Amber Model and Wheat Model,” the firm announced in their statement.

The beer industry in Mexico generates more than 600,000 direct and indirect jobs, so Cerveza Modelo seeks to support more than 4,000 farmers and more than 12,000 families in the value chain of those who stopped operations due to the pandemic.

“The situation that the beer industry is experiencing forced us to stop, but now more than ever, we demonstrate our commitment to the field, a key sector for the production of our products. We buy barley during this harvest so that thousands of farmers and their families can move forward,” said Gutiérrez.

Due to the health emergency, breweries in Mexico stopped operation and distribution April 5. They resumed operations in June. Grupo Modelo has a plant in the country’s capital.

Source: RMN

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