Mazatlan’s Aquatic Rescue Squad performs permanent surveillance on beaches


These actions are reinforced in areas of rocky beaches and with strong currents

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Aquatic Salvage Squad has had a busy week, with nine rescues carried out in the last seven days.

Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, commander of the squadron, commented that in their daily work of prevention they have invited bathers not to go too deep into the sea, much less while intoxicated, control people’s access to the beach and invite them to keep a healthy distance.

These actions are reinforced in rocky beach areas with strong currents, specifically in front of Hotel Hacienda, Hotel Don Pelayo, Hotel Jacarandas and Codere casino.

Because the sea had been very rough and with strong waves, nine rescues were recorded

Some of them occurred at the height of Hotel Pueblo Bonito, Hotel Sands Arenas, Riu, in front of the Old Insurance and two in front of Codere casino.

For this weekend, he reported that the sea is already calmer and calmer, although the red flag remains in some areas and white specifically for Olas Altas, in the presence of burners.

In some parts, we have a red flag, but most are yellow. Yesterday jellyfish came out in the Olas Altas area and a white flag was placed, not many were coming out, a few that managed to affect an adult and a minor.

Gonzalo Magallanes Romero

He added that so far they have not been in need of evicting anyone from the beaches for misuse of them, only what is in the operation.

In the evenings, when we are closing operations, we invite people to withdraw from the beach area and people do not hesitate to leave.

Magellan Romero


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