Mazatlán recovers 35% of air connectivity


Tourist reopening begins in the new normal and Sinaloa complies with the health protocols endorsed by the World Tourism Travel Council”, said the State Secretary of Tourism.

Mazatlán, Sin.- In recent weeks, air connectivity has recovered by 35%, after it fell by 80% with the Covid-19 pandemic, Óscar Pérez Barros said.

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The head of Sectur noted that with the reopening of tourism, Mazatlán Airport will begin to have more national and international flights.

Pérez Barros himself welcomed tourists arriving o two separate flights, American Airlines travelers from Phoenix, Arizona and Aeroméxico who came from Mexico City, considered that in order to avoid a pandemic outbreak, one must act according to international health protocols, and that depends of all.

He noted that the exactly the same security provided by the airport in terms of health will be found throughout the chain of the travel sector: hotels, restaurants, public transport services such as pneumonia, taxis, charioteers, and others, all are certified with security measures and hygiene, reiterating that the World Tourism Travel Council (WTTC) has already endorsed Mazatlan in this regard with the Global Security Seal.

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Meanwhile, the administrator of the air terminal, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez indicated that a gradual increase in the number of flights is expected under all the sanitary guidelines to provide greater security to passengers and tourists in general.

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