Mazatlan Pulmonia drivers see a slow recovery


They assure that their situation could be normalized until the month of January because people are afraid to go out due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- ‘Pulmonia Drivers’ agree that they are living one of the worst seasons since Covid-19 lockdown.

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Mazatlan Pulmonias

Pulmoneros told Reacción Informatica that they only earn for half a meal and that the worst thing for them is not seeing clearly when they can get out of the crisis.

José Antonio Velarde regretted that despite the contagions have decreased and there is already a certain revival, the work is still the same as when it started, saying that “it is sad because we don’t even make enough to pay for the pulmonia lease.”

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He considered that even with the reopening of beaches and hotels the demand for passage will not rebound, so this could be compounded until the beginning of January,

“People are afraid to go out, and until all this happens, tourism is going to start to rebound, right now there is nothing, neither in Juárez, nor in the center, there is nothing,” he said.

For his part, Jorge González expressed his disagreement, since no official date is given for the (reopening of the economy)

“We are hopeful that on July 1, but until we see, we don’t believe, because these people give you a date and at the end, they finish you off with another date, we barely make enough for a potato; there are days that yes and there are days that no, “he lamented.

Lastly, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, who is the leader of the pulmonia workers, recognized that they are going through one of the worst crises ever experienced, and because of this, 70 percent of the pulñmonia fleet are unemployed without offering service due to shortage of tourist.

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He acknowledged that there is more fluidity seen in the streets of Mazatlán, but the demand for the service has not rebounded.

“We live off regional tourism, and so far we have not seen them return and we won’t see them till covid-19 is over” he stressed.


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