New protocols will be issued this week on Mazatlan beach use, yet no official date set for reopening


It is speculated that in the course of this week there could be information on the new use of the beaches, however, there is still no reopening date.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The opening of beaches in this “New Normal” will depend on the traffic light, said the head of the Aquatic Salvage Squadron, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, commented, not yet having an action protocol for opening them.

“Our protocol will be the same as that provided by Civil Protection; they are already preparing a protocol together with the support of the hoteliers, so that they, in turn, have direct access to the beaches, since they have their own protocols for bathers, whether national or foreign, but tourist, not locals, locally I think they will be given some indications regarding the places where they can go so as not to crowd, “argued the commander.

He also said that there is no date for the issuance of the indications that bathers will have to follow once they enable the use of the beaches, however, it is speculated that this week there could be information.

“This week I think there has to be something because they are being based on the issue of traffic lights and that, depending on how this evolves, I imagine they would issue an order or we will continue with the beaches closed unless something is done,” he said.

The Commander also mentioned an increase in the flow of people in the area of ​​the Malecon since the beginning of last week, he assures that, within the surveillance tasks they carry out, they have had to invite passers-by to withdraw from restricted areas. for health reasons.

“This last week people have been very desperate to be in the beach area, to be watching the sunset, or to be distracted by the Malecon, they want to exercise, ride a bike; all the activities they did every day. Unfortunately due to the contingency and everything we are going through because we have restricted all those areas


The Mazatlan Post