Can US citizens travel to Canada and Mexico?


Since mid-March President Donald Trump banned any flights outside the United States to prevent the spread of coronavirus but when does the ban end?

Border leaders have written a letter to acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf urging that the current restrictions on non-essential travel between the United States, Mexico, and Canada be allowed to expire on or before 22 June. But as all countries seek to control the spread of the coronavirus the U.S. is most likely going to extend the border restrictions until the end of July.

This has not been confirmed but multiple sources have told Reuters that there are negotiations to extend the band and when it is official it will be the third extension since the coronavirus pandemic started. The first one was signed by Trump on 20 March for 30 days and then extended in April and May.

What countries can you travel to?

Commercial crossings for trade and commerce have continued during the Covid-19 outbreak and have not been affected by the ban. These temporary travel restrictions have particularly devastated small to medium-sized businesses along the borders. These businesses make up most of the retail, medical and tourism industries.

Earlier this month, border leaders from El Paso to Brownsville met via video to discuss the situation and build consensus on improving the economic situation in both countries, “the reality is that border cities are one, integrated community operating in two countries, they depend on each other for prosperity,” said Saenz.

Yesterday Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that the U.S. Canada border closure agreement is working because both countries’ curves have flattened for the first time since the outbreak began. Anyone who enters Canada from the U.S. is still required to self-isolate for two weeks.


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