On Isla de la Piedra people sustain themselves with the coconut harvest


The Comisionado Ejidal of Isla de Piedra, Víctor Manuel Aguirre Peña, acknowledged that the harvest of the palm fruit has become the means of income for many people, since the restaurants have been closed since March.

Precisely, those who have become unemployed in this place, which is half of the population, have looked for a job source in the coconut plantations, as this fruit is highly demanded in Mazatlán.

Isla de la Piedra

In the community, one piece is sold at approximately 13 pesos, while its transfer to the port increases an additional 2 pesos, 15 pesos is the price per coconut for the general public in the port of Mazatlan.

He stated that there are distributos that transport the fruit to the coastal municipalites, which encourages people to open establishments that are dedicated to selling frozen coconuts, which are in great demand during the hot season.

Isla de la Piedra June 2019

On the island of Isla de La Piedra, more than 100 people are dedicated to the production of this fruit, which is extracted from the palm trees plantations that are located at the entrance to the settlement by land.

An average of 10,000 coconuts leave Isla de Piedra every week in trucks to different parts of the country, such as the cities of Tijuana, Culiacán, Hermosillo, Sonora, among others.

In the port, he mentioned, vehicles loaded with between 100 and 200 pieces leave daily, which are distributed in fixed and semi-fixed posts as well as restaurants across town.

Coconut tree

Aguirre Peña assured that the product is highly requested by local and national tourists, who unfortunately have stopped coming to the city due to the pandemic situation.

Finally, the official stated that the coconut, in addition to being consumed naturally, is perfect to cook seafood, and is has beneficial properties that strengthen the immune system.

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