Possible investment of 350 million USD for garbage processing plant in Mazatlan


The direction of Municipal Public Services said that said project can be carried out through investors

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of Municipal Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague, announced that the project that has been in talks with foreign investors from the garbage processing plant, replacing the municipal trash services, continues in for Mazatlán.

He argued that it has been a major issue, as they are looking for a viable option for the municipality to come out favored.

“It is a very large investment of approximately 350 million dollars, which would mean some 7 billion Mexican pesos, and the only way that could be given is through private investment that comes with very favorable conditions for the Mazatlan citizenship, “he declared.

He recognized that the Commune could not invest such an amount, since it exceeds any possibility in the public purse, so it is looking for investors with the best advantage for Mazatlán.

“In the same package, it would also include the maintenance of the rubbish to be compacted, because we cannot leave it abandoned, it must continue to be maintained in accordance with hygiene standard 083 so that it ceases to be a focus of infection, treat it and convert it in green areas, “he added.

González Olague insisted that the project has not been ruled out, and it is expected that by the end of the year it will crystallize and a good decision will be made, appealing to the good one of the body of councilmen who in due course would approve the initiative.

“It is a concession that is worth it since it would give an end to the problem of garbage, the handling would be professional and without damage to ecology in all aspects, and that is the ideal because it would be an almost a tourist attraction because the People who visit us are going to realize that Mazatlán has a real responsibility with the management and final destination of their garbage, so we will see, “he said.

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