Number of recovered increases in Sinaloa, along with the deaths


86 new patients with coronavirus were confirmed.

Along with the patients who are discharged and who are 24 more this Friday, the deaths in the state are not going down and in the last 24 hours 18 cases were registeredon the platform.

In the report of the Ministry of Health, it was detailed that of the recovered patients, 12 are from Culiacán, four from Mazatlán, one from Elota, one from San Ignacio, one from Ahome, one from Badiraguato, two from Escuinapa, one from Guasave and one from Navolato. With a total of 1,266.

Regarding deaths, all are lagging cases and not from May 22, however, it is not ruled out that they have not been registered. Of the 18, 15 are from Culiacán and three from Mazatlán, making a total of 362 in the state.

On the last day, 86 new coronavirus patients were confirmed, of whom 41 are from Mazatlán, 23 from Ahome, 16 from Culiacán, five from Guasave, and one from El Fuerte.

⚠️Friday May 22, May⚠️
Update # Covid19 ? Sinaloa


Active Patients: 676

Recovered: 1266
Deaths 362
Total Patients 2304

New origin Mazatlán 41, Ahome 23, Culiacán 16, Guasave 5, El Fuerte 1
Deaths 18 new. 15 Culiacán, 3 Mazatlán– Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres (@EEncinas_Dr) 

May 23, 2020

So far there are 676 active patients; 260 in Culiacán, 155 in Mazatlán, 112 in Ahome, 45 in Guasave, 35 in Navolato, 27 in Salvador Alvarado, six in Sinaloa, five in El Fuerte, four in Badiraguato, three in San Ignacio, three in Mocorito, two in Choix , one from Escuinapa, one from Elota, one from Concordia, one from Rosario, one from Angostura and one from Cosala.

The number of suspected cases increased to 920 in Ahome, Choix, El Fuerte, Culiacán, Escuinapa, Guasave, Mazatlán, Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, Navolato, Angostura, Mocorito, Elota and Rosario.

Of the active patients, 41.3 percent are hospitalized, of which 18.8 percent are in serious health.


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