Blue Ocean certified beaches will be dignified in Mazatlan


They plan to improve the image of the coastal area with a badge for the beaches of Olas Altas, Pinitos and Avenida Del Mar.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 19, 2020). After the certification and recertification of 4 Mazatlan beaches with a total surface area of 6,040 meters, a priority for conservation and almost 3,000 meters for recreational use, the Beach Operator and Administrator is working on a project that will improve the image of the coastal area and dignify the “Public beaches” of Mazatlan, such as Olas Altas, Pinitos and Avenida Del Mar, with the Blue Ocean Beach badge, informed the OAP head, Jorge Contreras.

He stated that in less than a year and a half, the current administration complied with the Municipal Development Plan 2018-2021 regarding beach certification, whose goal was to achieve the certification of 1,500 meters of new beaches and the recertification of 7,000 meters.

He said that the first actions had to do with the recertification of Playa Verde Camacho as a priority for conservation, with a space of 6,040 meters, as well as Gaviotas beach, with 420 meters, which is again in the process of recertification this year.

He indicated that at the beginning of the year, the Luna Bonita and Estrella de Mar beaches certification was achieved, with more than 400 meters the first and 2,174 the second, both for recreational use.

Jorge Contreras pointed out that the project to certify public beaches such as Olas Altas, Pinitos, and those that are along Del Mar Avenue, which are public beaches, is already being analyzed.

He reiterated that these beaches would be given the distinctive that the Blue Beach Ocean Operator and Administrator grants, among the list they could also include Olas Altas, the Pinitos beach, and those that are along Del Mar Avenue.

Source: OEM

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