Video: The Famous Red and Yellow Delicious Plums have arrived in Mazatlan


* From Aguacaliente de Gárate

* “Chamoyadas” plums

Clarita is a very hard-working woman; everyone knows her in the “José María Pino Suárez” market in the center of Mazatlán, where for more than 25 years she has sold seasonal fruit on the corner of Melchor Ocampo and this morning she shouted with great joy: They arrived! plums !!!… Red and yellow, rich and tasty, and more with “chilito” or “chamoy”.

Plums are fruits of the summer and Clarita, with her family, brings them from Aguacaliente de Gárate, a syndicate from Concordia considered the mecca of plums and from which many families live. When the plum dries it is industrialized or packed, it dries, it is dehydrated for canned sweets and even “chamoyadas”.

Clarita says that there are red, yellow, and green plums turning yellow, bittersweet because that’s how people like them. There are those who add lemon, chile, or chamoy, but in the end, they taste tasty and meaty and there is not much difference because of the colors, they all taste delicious.

He reported that he also has dried plums to “enchamoyar”. He says he sells his plums in trays for 35 pesos and the glasses for 45 pesos. The bagged plums weighing about half a kilo are worth 40 pesos and the one-kilo plums are 80 pesos.

Adalberto Villa is a Pulmonia driver and a regular customer to buy the seasonal fruit and when trying some red and yellow plums, the enjoyment of this rich Sinaloan product made our mouths water.

She indicated that due to the pandemic there are few buyers. Clarita is located on the corner of the Pino Suárez market from an early hour.


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