Grandmother travels from Isla de la Piedra to Mazatlan to try to sell her sweets during the crisis (VIDEO)

  • She is going through a difficult situation
  • She asks God for the contingency to pass quickly

The Covid-19 health contingency has affected the economy of millions of Mexicans who live daily.

Today we tell you the story of Abuelita Honoria, who sells homemade sweets outside the “Miguel Hidalgo” market in Colonia Juárez.

Honoria Gonzáles, 80 years old, lives in Isla de la Piedra; This being a place that lives solely from tourism forces people to move to the streets of Mazatlán to find a livelihood.

Our granny sells sweets made by herself with the help of her husband; who to save a few coins stays at home.

“I come from Isla de la Piedra to sell my products, I sell cocadas, chili tamarind, sweet tamarind, ham and pepitorias; we do them at home, “he said.

Before the contingency began, Honoria and her husband were dedicated to selling on the beaches of Isla de la Piedra.

“It is alone, there is no tourism, there is nothing, but we still have to go to work because there is no money.”

She asks God to pass as soon as possible the current situation because they no longer have anything to eat; the reason why I out to the streets of the Mazatlan

“We have to leave because we don’t have a place from, we are having a very bad time, right now I have come to sell from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon; what I take out to eat, that’s why I come and hope in God that this will crisis will be over ”.

Honoria is an example of millions of Mexicans who live daily, who leave home to earn a living; even if that means exposing your life to the Covid-19.


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