Hundreds of dolphins visit the bay of Mazatlán


Hundreds of dolphins were sighted in the bay of Mazatlán this Saturday May 9th, at dawn, near the Three Islands, in front of the promenade.

Artisanal fishermen from North Beach captured the moment when a school was in the area and some specimens were swimming right next to the boat.

“It is really beautiful indeed,” said Édgar Moya while recording with his cell phone.

The video shows a large number of dolphins in the bay with the light of dawn and the hotel zone in the background.

The images were shared on the social networks of Son Playas, to the amazement of those who have never witnessed this natural event that is part of the marine life of our coastlines.

Oceanologist Oscar Guzón Zatarain identified the specimens as Pacific spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata), a species that often frequents the coast throughout the year, forming larger groups during winter and spring due to more food availability and developing group strategies. to hunt different types of prey.

However, he pointed out that in the thirteen years that he has dedicated to the investigation and monitoring of the species, this is the first time that he has seen such a large group inside the Mazatlan bay.

Source: Son Playas

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