Under pressure, Mazatlan Mayor finally agrees not to open restaurants for mothers day



The Mayor assures that after listening to the Mazatlecos, he has made this decision in conjunction with the Canirac

Mazatlán.- The Chemist Benitez Torres and members of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry of Mazatlan agreed that next Sunday, May 10, Mother’s Day, the restaurants will only have food to take away, due to the coronavirus crisis that you live in the world.

The Mayor said that he has listened to the citizens who gave him their confidence to govern this municipality, and since their conduct and actions have always been consistent, he made this decision in conjunction with Canirac.

“I met with the Canirac representatives, with Rodrigo Becerra, its president, and several of its components, and they accepted on May 10, only, to work to take away, food to take away. I thank them for their generosity, their support, all the entrepreneurs, “he said.

He asked the Mazatlecos to stay home and to consume the restaurateurs through the “Just to go” service since more than 8,000 families depend on this sector.

He reiterated that on Mother’s Day, he personally will lead the surveillance operation in restaurants and food establishments, to prevent the situation from overflowing and increasing contagions from the coronavirus.

On health issues, Mazatlán is not autonomous, Restaurants May Not Operate May 10 says Coepriss

Businesses cannot operate at 40% of their capacity, as proposed by the Mayor, since this decision corresponds to the State Council for Health Safety, said the coordinator of Coepriss in the southern zone

Despite the permits that the City Council may grant to Mazatlán restaurants, they will not be able to work with 40 percent of diners from May 9 to 16 and to verify that this is accomplished, they will be carried out rounds of health throughout the municipality, announced Miguel Ángel García Gómez, who explained why they will not be able to do so.

The regional coordinator of the State Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa, indicated that the State Health Council is the highest authority in the state if we talk about the issue of health, so the restaurant sector will have to abide by the guidelines it issued In recent days, the health board, since it is the most critical stage of the pandemic, putting the entire population at risk.

“We cannot allow that as a health authority we have an obligation to safeguard public health and that is why we would have to take a security measure as soon as we detect people or diners inside restaurant facilities.”

Likewise, the state official explained that although the mayor has commented that the municipality is an autonomous authority, this clause refers to independence on the subject of commerce, but not on the subject of health, so it must give due respect to such delicate appeals.

“Perhaps it is supported by constitutional 115, but you have to understand that the autonomy that the municipality has is in matters of trade, not in matters of public health, public health is a general issue and there only the Federation and the federal entities can make determinations ”.

García Gómez added that the indication is to maintain a special operation, although it will not only be checked that the restaurants comply, but also the florists, cemeteries, musicians, and all those non-commercial businesses that are not allowed to work regularly during this stage 3.

Source: mazatlan.gob.mx, lineadirectaportal.com

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