‘Virus hunters’ clean Mazatlan central bus station and Isla de la Piedra


Mazatlán.- The sanitation campaign, better known as “Los Cazavirus” continues its work to mitigate and contain the number of infections by Covid-19 in this city.

On this occasion, the fight against the coronavirus reached the Central de Autobuses and Isla de la Piedra.

The municipal administration headed by Luis Benítez, since the health contingency began, has been working to prevent the spread of this disease, however, it is necessary for the government and society together to redouble efforts against Covid-19.

The work of “Los Cazavirus” is maintained and they will continue to sanitize public spaces.

To date

The Ministry of Health in Sinaloa reported an increase to 170 deaths from Covid-19, as well as 1,112 infected people, that in relation to the last report 24 hours ago, 5 more people died from the coronavirus pandemic and 82 new infected patients are added.

There are 585 active patients and 459 suspects awaiting the results of the test for the new virus, as well as the 82 active cases located in: 70 Culiacán; 4 Mazatlán; 1 Ahome; 2 Guasave; 1 Mocorito; 2 Navolate; 1 Angostura and 1 Salvador Alvarado.

Source: pmxportal.com, debate.com.mx

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