Puerto Peñasco “Rocky Point” applies more restrictive COVID-19 measures


Puerto Peñasco.- After officially confirming the first positive case of COVID-19 in Puerto Peñasco on the digital platform of the Federal Ministry of Health, and being announced by the State Ministry of Health, Mayor Kiko Munro reported that They redoubled prevention measures as they also entered phase three of the pandemic across the country.

The president of Puerto Peñasco reported that Doctor Oscar Castro Castro, Municipal Health Coordinator (CMS) has already been instructed to take extreme measures in the Health and Safety strategy implemented by the three orders of government in the city to contain and minimize possible Coronavirus infections.

The new measures announced by the Government of Puerto Peñasco are the total closure of the sanitary access filter located on the Puerto Peñasco – Sonoyta highway at 10:00 pm; compulsory use of mouth covers for the entire population; Mandatory application in commercial establishments with healthy distance measures, with restriction of access to certain age ranges and no crowding of people.

“It is about inhibiting, it is about preventing, it is about always going forward looking for the virus, which is present throughout the national territory, therefore in Puerto Peñasco, due to the declaration of phase 3, not to spread exponentially by asymptomatic people to healthy people ”, explained Kiko Munro.

He added that, with applied measures, the aim is not to collapse the Peñasco health system. “We knew that we were exposed and it was not a question of whether a case was going to happen, but rather knowing when it was going to happen and for the same reason our exhortation was always to stay at home. To help us make the spread as staggered and controlled as possible. ” 

He explained that the first case of COVID-19 in Puerto Peñasco is about a male person between 60 and 63 years of age, who has been stable in home isolation for 11 days, when he was reported as a suspect, applying the health protocols together with the people with whom he had contact. He is a resident person, who traveled to Mexicali and entered the city before the total closure, which also includes residents.

Source: uniradionoticias.com

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