Mazatlan Aquarium launches “Acuario TV” (VIDEO)


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Acuario Mazatlán started a new project called “Acuario TV” with the aim of broadcasting information capsules, interviews, special events, curious facts and live streamings, through its official website.

The purpose is to provide children and adults with educational content and entertainment that enriches knowledge about wildlife and animal care, during the Covid-19 coronavirus contingency.

The director of the aquarium, Pablo Rojas Zepeda, informed that this program will be carried out permanently, from Monday to Sunday at 10:30 am.

Mazatlan Aquarium (Photo: Archive)

During the first live broadcast, the sea lion trainer, Pablo Franco, announced the training process and the care that is carried out with these species, as well as the number of sea wolves that participate in the shows, their age, and favorite food.

Aquarium staff presented a new tenant, an 8-month-old sea lion who recently arrived and is still in its recovery and adaptation stage. Mazatlan children are invited to participate in the election of its name, through a drawing contest of sea lions in their natural habitat, and of course, suggesting a name for the baby sea lion.

Sea Lions at Mazatlan Aquarium (Photo: OEM)

The first place will receive a bicycle as a prize, while the other 4 finalists will be awarded prizes and kits that the Mazatlán Aquarium delivers to their special guests.

The deadline to receive the drawings is April 26, these can be sent by Inbox to the official page of the Mazatlan Aquarium, on Facebook, all children under 12 can participate. The winners will be announced on April 30th, Children’s Day.

Source: OEM

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