More than 500 “pulmoneros” unemployed in Mazatlán


The leaders of the transport sector wrote a document in which they ask the state governor for economic support.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The leader of the pulmoneros, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, reported that the carriers are in uncertainty due to lack of employment.

He noted that this week is number four with zero tourism activity.

The leader of the transportation group regretted that more than 500 pulmoneros are unemployed, due to the lack of tourism activity in the port of Mazatlán.

“The drivers are out of work, this situation obviously makes them uneasy, as they have to feed their families. They use face masks, antibacterial gel (for drivers and customers), and they keep their vehicles clean and sanitized at all times” said Mariano Ortega Vizcarra.

Ortega Vizcarra indicated that they are following the recommendations of the health authorities.

He stressed that before and after work, they disinfect the “pulmonias” so that passengers travel safely.

The leader of the pulmoneros, charioteers, taxi and transport union of the Bus Drivers’ Alliance produced a document, in which they ask the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, for economic support for the workers in the transport sector who have become unemployed due to the pandemic.

The support they request consists of an aid package and a monthly economic support fee for each of the drivers of the different organizations.

Source: Debate

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