Mazatlan’s Gutiérrez Nájera avenue remodeling project includes a bike path


The first phase will be finished with a 15 million-pesos investment from state and municipal governments’ resources.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Reación Informativa) .- “The works to remodel Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera Avenue, in Mazatlán, will include a bike path”, revealed the director of Social Welfare and Development, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez.

“Metropolitan resources pass through and are executed by management,” he said.

The project to remodel Gutiérrez Nájera Avenue is part of a cycle route circuit that will connect with Del Mar Avenue, Rafael Buelna, Camarón Sábalo, and in a second phase with other streets of the city such as Gabriel Leyva, Juan Pablo II, and Rigodanza.

“The projects are still ongoing, the remodeling of the avenue, the bike path, pedestrian route, road and cycling stretch for the Gutiérrez Nájera” he revealed.

He also mentioned that, as part of the second stage of the Gutiérrez Najera, the bike path will go all the way to the Gabriel Leyva Avenue.

“The initial investment is 15 million pesos, it is a municipal-state agreement, and then comes the second stage which is from Juan Carrasco to Gabriel Leyva, ” said the official.

Source: Reacción Informativa

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