Mexican Navy seizes 3.5 million pesos in cash at a maritime terminal


Mazatlán Sinaloa (April 11, 2020).- The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, through the Fourth Naval Zone reports that on April 11th, personnel belonging to the Port Protection Unit No. 43 (UNAPROP-43) based in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, located and assured an amount of $ 3,650,000.00 (three million, six hundred and fifty thousand pesos 00/100 MN), in cash hidden in the internal structure of a vehicle that was being transported on the “Baja Star” ferry ship, from La Paz BCS to Mazatlan Sinaloa.

The finding and seizure took place while the naval personnel carried out a routine inspection of the aforementioned ferry ship of the company Baja Ferries S.A. de C.V., activity that allowed the detection of 20 packages containing 3.5 million pesos in cash in different denomination bills.

The cash insured was placed at the disposal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, in a coordinated effort between the Incident Assistance area of ​​UNAPROP-43, National Guard personnel and legal advisory personnel from the Fourth Naval Zone.

Source: noticias y denuncia Culiacán

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