Mazatlan withdraws 1,054 people from beaches and detains 4 for health restriction


Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- Since April 3, 1,054 people have been invited to withdraw from the beaches of Mazatlán and 4 have been referred to the Courts for not respecting the health restriction, the commander of the Aquatic Salvage Squadron of the Municipal Police, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero.

Vigilan playas y ríos de Mazatlán - El Sol De Mazatlán

He indicated that groups of tourists have come to the beach area, but as soon as they are detected, they are invited to withdraw, which the local bathers have also agreed to.

The Aquatic Salvage Squadron, elements of the Tourist Police, National Guard, Army and Secretary of the Navy participate in the beach inspection.

Detienen a tres personas por romper la cuarentena y negarse a ...

There are people who have come from Torreón, from Durango, in large groups. We have been alert in the entrances mainly, and since that time, before the sand hits, they are being informed and people are raising awareness and retiring 

Gonzalo Magallanes Romero

Reina la soledad en las playas de Mazatlán - Noroeste

He reported that 30 flags have been strategically placed along the beaches as a warning of danger and that the beach is closed.

Salvavidas acordonan las playas de Mazatlán

The places where there have been more cases of tourists and local bathers are Playa el Delfín, Isla de la Piedra and Playa Brujas, some have tried rope fishing in the northern part of the city.

Playas de Mazatlán se mantienen bajo estricta vigilancia | Línea ...

Magallanes Romero said that the operation will continue until the contingency plan for the COVID-19 coronavirus is concluded.


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